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Create a higher fidelity training experience and incorporate digital skills into simulation training using SimEPR

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The landscape of medical education is changing

1) Rising numbers of healthcare staff to train

There is a requirement for tools that support faculty to continue the delivery of high-quality training more efficiently and effectively.

2) Digital readiness is increasingly crucial for day-to-day clinical activity

Electronic patient record systems (EPRs) are increasingly prevalent in the NHS. Yet UK medical simulation training continues to use outdated paper-based methods.

3) Staff retention crisis

Dissatisfaction with learning and development are among the key reasons for healthcare staff leaving the NHS.*

*Lock FK, Carrieri D Factors affecting the UK junior doctor workforce retention crisis: an integrative review BMJ Open 2022;12:e059397.

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A simulation mannekin man next to a computer running SimEPR


SimEPR: an interactive educational training tool. Designed for medical simulation

SimEPR provides a platform for medical educators to create electronic patient records for their simulation scenarios. The system is designed to be used on a computer at the mannequin’s bedside.

The software creates a higher fidelity training experience whilst offering tools that saves faculty time in creating training scenarios and delivering simulation.

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A novel training tool, tailored for medical education

Screenshot of SimEPR app

“SimEPR is the best investment in high-fidelity simulation Brighton & Sussex Medical School has undertaken in recent years. You can have the leading mannequin on the market but it is the environmental fidelity which makes simulation fully immersive. I am so pleased I decided to trust this product”

Helen Flanagan
Clinical Skills and Simulation Lead, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Benefits to training fidelity & learning

Greater training fidelity and enhanced learning outcomes supported by multi-centre trainee feedback data

Data collected across the South East of England, in collaboration with NHS England South East, Regional Simulation & Human Factors Project, Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex.

Click here to view the published data in the International Journal of Healthcare Simulation

Screenshot of SimEPR showing observation results

Novel software designed in collaboration with simulation & clinical skills labs

✏️ Documentation

View, create and edit documentation

💊 Drug charts

Review medication, prescribe and cease medication

💉 Investigations

Display blood gas, laboratory and radiology results. View baseline investigations and request new tests that update in real-time

📏 Clinical assessments

Recognise deterioration from electronic observations, review fluid balance charts

No installation required

SimEPR is a web-based app that only requires readily available software and hardware.

All you need is a computer or tablet with an internet connection and an internet browser.

image of codeSimEPR login screen

SimEPR core features

Three modes, give you full control

1. Simulation mode

Trainees and students can select the electronic patient record that is relevant to their clinical scenario and browse through electronic notes, clinical assessments, drug charts and investigations to gain information about the patient they are treating, just as they would do in real life. They can prescribe medication, document the scenario and request investigations.

The simulation mode is designed to be intuitive to use, even for students with limited experience with electronic systems. Overall 89% of users reported the system was easy to use, despite minimal training prior to simulation teaching. This way trainees using SimEPR can gain an understanding of the concepts behind using an EPR, without hindering teaching progression.

Screenshot of SimEPR simulation mode
Screenshot of SimEPR adding new blood gas results

2. Editor mode

A no-code interface that allows medical educators to create and customise clinical scenarios. Realistic and interactive electronic records can be made that are tailored to specific educational requirements.

Automate the creation of observation results and investigation results using 'Magic' features. Create a series of observation results over days, or blood results at the click of a button.

3. Controller mode

Provides real time updates on the simulation mode. Monitor your trainee's activity, such as tests they have requested, medication prescribed and notes documented.

Push results to your trainees for them to review, including blood gas, laboratory and radiology results.

Use activity data for debriefing.

Screenshot of SimEPR showing results being pushed to the trainee

Build simulated wards using SimWard

Create a ward of up to fifteen patients using SimWard

Monitor the activity of multiple trainees interacting with multiple patients

Designed for ward-based simulation and interprofessional simulation

A diagram showing how SimWard works

"This product has recently been taking the simulation world by storm..."

Paul Wilder (Interim lead for Technology Enhanced Learning at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust)

A request tests screen on SimEPR


“SimEPR is the best investment in high-fidelity simulation Brighton & Sussex Medical School has undertaken in recent years. You can have the leading mannequin on the market but it is the environmental fidelity which makes simulation fully immersive. I am so pleased I decided to trust this product”

Helen Flanagan, Clinical Skills & Simulation Lead
Brighton and Sussex Medical School

“SimEPR has helped us to make big improvements to our work flow. It has speeded up resetting between sims, provided fuller and more comprehensive blood results on the fly, and increased the fidelity of our simulations. It is a great tool to use and one of the more exciting developments to happen in simulation recently.”

Simulation & Skills Educator
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

"SimEPR is a next generation tool that brings our clinical simulations more in-line with real life, thus increasing the fidelity of our sims. We are in a process to transfer/formulate all our scenarios in SimEPR. The prospects are amazing!"

Medical Simulation Fellow
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

"I’m a really big fan of SimEPR. The feedback from the teaching fellows I have been showing has been consistently excellent; in particular, everyone likes how clean and intuitive it is."

Dr Matt Bowker, Simulation Teaching Fellow
DASH - Dinwoodie Assessment and Simulation Hub

"Having to focus on requesting the investigations and prescriptions whilst maintaining situational awareness and swap back to the patient was difficult, but a really useful additional learning experience."

F1 doctor
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

“Really useful and clear EPR system that was easy to use. Resembled real life and was an efficient system with all the key functions available for prescribing, note taking and ordering investigations.”

F1 doctor
University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

“SimEPR had a wait time between ordering tests and getting results. This teaches you to process through what investigations you really need.”  

F1 Doctor
University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust
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